Combine the therapeutic results of halotherapy, a holistic method involving the practice of dry salt therapy, with the meditative approach of Yin Yoga, a practice where connective tissue is gently stretched by holding poses over a longer period of time.

The Principles of Yin Yoga Practice:
* FINDING YOUR EDGE - Move slowly and gently; pause frequently and listen to your body. Wait for both body and mind to respond before going deeper. 
* BE STILL - At first, you will feel anxious and want to move; resist the impulse.The mind may tell you to hurry up, just as the body begins to benefits of relaxing into the pose.
* STAY FOR A WHILE - Hold the poses for one to three minutes and practice staying in the moment. Breathe evenly, connecting with your body.
* MOVE WITH SOFTNESS AND RESPECT - Yin Yoga poses are challenging for joints, ligaments, and muscles. Move out of the positions very slowly, using your hands to support your legs.
* MINDFULNESS AS A BASIC THEME - Mindfulness is something we always come back to. It is the backbone of Yin Yoga. Examine the experience of the moment.

Yin yoga can be practiced at any age. No prior yoga experience necessary!

The class will be led by Debbie Gill, 200-RYT
Caroline Myss Educational Institute (CMED)

A little about Debbie:
Debbie was introduced to yoga through Ayurveda, which is based on-rebalancing structure through several sensory systems that include: diet, workout, and lifestyle as well as the mind, body, and spirit. After visiting several doctors to alleviate her nerve pain that resulted from a lightning strike in 1978, Debbie began looking for an alternative to pain medication. 
Debbie started her yoga practice in June 2010 with a non-heated Essentials class, but soon enrolled in the brand-new beginners program. After that, Debbie signed up for the unlimited yoga and practiced regularly five times a week.
By the end of her first year she resolved to become a teacher, enrolling in Empowered Yoga's 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training. It was during this time she experienced a miraculous occurrence: Debbie made the determination to heal her body-and within two months was pain free! 
After teaching for Newark Parks and Rec, as well as Mt. Cuba for over two years, Debbie began teaching individual classes. Three years ago she opened her private studio: Go Within Yoga.


Wednesday, November 1st
TIME: 6:00 - 700 pm
COST: $20

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