1.  Halotherapy sessions are 45 minutes in length.  We strongly recommend you schedule an appointment, as our hours can change throughout the year. The Adult Group room can seat up to 6 people in anti-gravity reclining chairs.    The Private Room is for 1 or 2 Adults and can also be used for children. 


2.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your session so we can check you in.  If you are late for your time, we will work with you to find the next available time slot.


3.  Wear comfortable, clean clothing.


4.  Please wear white socks.  No shoes are allowed in the salt rooms as we need to preserve the sterile environment.  If you do not bring white socks, we have shoe booties to wear prior to entering the room.


5.  Please do NOT wear any perfume, lotions, or hair spray as the odors may affect other patrons in the salt room and cause negative reactions.


6.  Please turn off cell phones prior to entering salt room.  


7.  No food or drink is allowed in the salt room.


8.  If you have long hair, we ask that you pull it up in a ponytail.


9.  If you are a smoker, we ask that you refrain smoking prior to your session.  The Salt Cove is an allergen-free facility, and we do not want odors to negatively affect other patrons in the room.  


10.  During your treatment, you can recline in your chair, relax, meditate, and breathe in the dry salt aerosol that is being generated by a halogenerator machine.  


11.  If you are taking medication, please continue to do so as prescribed by your physician.  Halotherapy is not meant to replace your medications.  Please contact your primary physician if you are unsure if halotherapy is for you.


12.  After your session, you may experience a slight increase in mucus build up.  This means that the halotherapy is working to clear the lungs of excess mucus.  Drinking warm water can help clear this up.  


13.  Enjoy!!



Myofascial Release


1.  Myofascial release requires skin contact in order to optimally release fascial restrictions.  It is a hands-on technique that requires sinking into the fascial barriers to release them.  Men should wear loose fitting shorts, and women should wear loose-fitting exercise shorts, and a sports bra or tank top.  


2.  Your initial visit will include a comprehensive evaluation to determine fascial restrictions, muscular weakness, and postural imbalances.  An individualized treatment plan will be designed to help you achieve your goals, decrease pain, and restore function.


3. During a treatment session, the physical therapist will look at the entire body, and look for areas of postural imbalance, pain, and fascial restrictions.  Treatment involves releasing these restrictions using the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach.  The therapist applies gentle, hands-on pressure to areas of restriction to release them barrier by barrier.  As deeper restrictions are released, you may experience symptoms of pain and/or increased discomfort, or an emotional release, especially after several treatment sessions.  You may also begin to do what is known as myofascial unwinding.  This is completely, safe and is the body's way of telling you what it needs to heal.  This is all part of the body's normal healing response and is integral to recovery and restoring function.  It is commonly known as the "healing crisis."  


4.  It is advised to drink plenty of water after a myofascial release treatment to rid the body of toxins released by the myofascial release.


5.  The length of treatment varies from person to person.  Our goal is to restore reduce pain, improve balance and function,and ultimately assist you in following a self -treatment program.  Other forms of traditional physical therapy such as stretching, and an exercise program that you can do at home will be incorporated to help you achieve your goals.


6.  All session are held in a private treatment room, and HIPAA and patient confidentiality are maintained.  

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